Event Rentals

Terms & Conditions:

Reservation Deposit: must be submitted within 14 days upon receipt of contract from Midway Village Museum and is non-refundable. Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to event.

Damage Deposit: will be returned within 30 days following event providing that all contract terms are followed.

Late charges will be assessed thirty minutes after contract expiration time and will be billed at an hourly rate of $50.00 for extra cleaning required, and/or maintenance, building/equipment damages, etc. Also if your vendors do not use the designated gate for deliveries/pick up at designated times you will automatically loose the entire damage deposit.

Cancelation: Due to the nature of our events there is no refunds available for cancelations. A cancelation needs to be in writing (email is acceptable). If the event is able to be moved to a new date within a calendar year of the original date we can apply all payments to the new date. This new date will need to be established within 7 business days of the cancelation notification.

Guidelines for Use of Facilities and Grounds:

Vehicles, except for horse drawn carriages are allowed in parking lot area only. Vendor Deliveries/Pickups have to be scheduled and are not allowed in the Village during normal operating hours. All access to the Village is to coordinated by a representative of Midway Village Museum.

Food & Beverage: Alcoholic beverages are permitted in rental areas only through a caterer with a liquor license. Alcohol is never permitted in parking lot areas. Loss of damage deposit will occur if renters or their guests consume alcohol in any area other than rented/permitted area. No personal/home brews of beer or wine are permitted. All Food & Beverage must go through a licensed and insured caterer in the State of Illinois and the City of Rockford. Midway Village and the Rockford Park District will need to be named as an additional insured on their Certificate of insurance policy. Events in 2017 will be provided with a list of our Exclusive Catering Partners and a selection will need to be made from that list for all private rental events.

A Preferred Catering Partners list will be given to you and we suggest that you utilize them as much as possible. A referral fee may be assessed by our Preferred Partners as part of our agreement. If in 2016, you choose other caterers, they must be pre-approved preferably before you sign with them. A copy of their Off Premise Catering license, liquor licenses ( City of Rockford and State of Illinois) and a Certificate of Insurance naming MVM and the Rockford Park District will need to be provided or will be requested from all Caterers. A site visit will be required for those that have not served at Midway Village Museum. In 2017, our Catering Partners will be exclusive to our property and they will be the only vendors allowed to serve for Private events. Approval of the Park District on all liquor service is mandatory.

Nails, tape or glitter/confetti, 3M Command Strips of any kind may not be used in any rental areas. If you are going to use flower petals to be dropped in the isle in our outdoor ceremonies they must be real flower petals.

No open flame candles or sparklers may be used anywhere on the property.

Smoking is prohibited on all MVM grounds subject to Rockford Park District policy. Fines may be given to violators from the Park District Police.

Unmanned aerial vehicles such as radio or remote controlled motor driven airplanes, drones etc., shall not be operated without a Rockford Park District issued permit. Also subject to approval by MVM.

During all rental events, supervision of children is mandatory. Children must remain in the designated rental at all times unless accompanied by an adult.

A room setup for your rental is included in rental price. After the rental is approved and set any deviation or reset will at provided by the renter. The chairs and tables that are located inside the Lakeview Room & 1905 Barn are only to be used inside the rental venue. Any additional equipment, chairs etc. will need to be ordered and paid for 30 days prior to the event.

All persons using the facilities and grounds will be responsible for the removal of all supplies and equipment no later than the time stated on the contract (this includes removal of musical entertainment/DJ and decorations/materials).

Please note that you have rented a portion of Midway Village for your event and there will be other rentals and the public on the property during your rental period. You have access to your rental based on your rental times and not the entire property. If your guests disburse throughout the Village they will be asked to return to the Rental venue.

I, the undersigned, have read and agree to abide by all of Midway Village Museum (MVM) regulations and facility use policies applicable to the use of the facilities, and will assume responsibility for any damage occurring as a result of using such facilities, including damage by any attendees. Furthermore, I, my vendors, agents, employees, and attendees will attend the event and use the facility at our own risk. MV&MC shall not be liable for any damage arising from personal injuries sustained by any persons on the premises and I assume full responsibility for such damages. In consideration of being granted the right to use MV&MC facilities, I hereby release MV&MC, the Rockford Park District, its trustees, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action rising out of such use of MV&MC or its facilities.

For additional details or to view the facilities, call Mary Friel, at 815-397-9112, ext. 114 or mary.friel@midwayvillage.com.