Camp Grant Exhibit Overview

Camp Grant Troops on Parade.
Troops on parade at Camp Grant during World War I.

Camp Grant soon became a significant driver of the city’s growth, as new roads and public services were developed and hundreds of buildings were built with local labor and supplies. The onset of World War II saw a dramatic expansion of Camp Grant, during which 300,000 soldiers came through its gates. Camp Grant also became a center for the training of medical personnel and the housing of prisoners of war. It served as a rallying point for local war efforts, a source of job growth and economic development, and forever changed the demographics of the community’s population.

The Camp Grant exhibit will become part of Midway Village Museum’s permanent exhibit space, and will use a timeline-based approach with artifacts and stories to vividly recount the history of the camp. Of particular importance will be the lasting impact on the Rockford community, including how African American soldiers who trained at Camp Grant brought a new diversity to the region.

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