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These activity guides contain vocabulary, discussion questions, crafts, and additional activities to match each of the stations you choose for your Living History Tour. Activities are designed to be used either in preparation for your field trip or to reinforce topics learned on the trip. To download these activity guides, go to:

Rockford Focused Lesson Plans

Midway Village Museum works directly with teachers to promote the education of local history in the classroom. As part a partnership, educator workshops were organized every June from 2013-2019 which focused on themes of local history, as well as providing educators with the latest techniques in object-based learning.

Here are lesson plans written by local teachers attending these workshops. Please feel free to download and use these resources in your classroom curriculum. Topics include local history, World War I, World War II, immigration. Please check out the museum’s outreach programs for more related content at:

Digital Collection Lesson Plans

ChildrenMidway Village Museum has more than 5,000 images online. How can you utilize these lesson plans of the digital images in your classroom? The lesson plans will help students learn:

  • how to retrieve information from period photographs
  • what kinds of insights and information can be gleaned from photographs such as in history of technology and societal roles
  • how people lived in other time periods
  • compare images of today verses those of the past

The lesson plans for the Online Digital Collections will include these topics: schools, houses, Rockford around town and immigration. To view the Online Digital Collection go to:

History in the Classroom
Funded through a Grant from Ecolab


Note: All lesson plan files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Unit 1: Using Immigration Oral Histories

Immigration Elementary School Unit

Immigration Middle School Unit

Immigration High School Unit

Unit 2: Rockford Around Town

Around Town Elementary Lesson “Communities Then and Now”

Around Town Middle School Unit “Around Town”

Around Town High School Unit “Introduction to Urban Planning”

Unit 3: Using Houses Digital Collections

Houses Then and Now Elementary Unit

Houses Middle School Unit

Houses High School Unit “Architectural Styles through Time”

Unit 4: Schools Digital Collections

Schools Elementary Unit “Then and Now"

Schools Middle School Unit “Then and Now”