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The Lakeview Rooms at Midway Village Rockford

The Lakeview Rooms

Located in the Museum Center, these climate controlled rooms are ideal for any family or corporate celebration, meeting or lecture. These rooms will accommodate up to 200 guests or can be subdivided for smaller groups. Complimentary WIFI is available and table and chair setup is included in the rental fee. Museum access is available for your guests at a discounted rate. Built-in screens and audio visual equipment provided. Enjoy stunning views of the Mill house and Lake Severin.

Lakeview Rooms - Wedding and Meeting Rentals in Rockford

Click here to see the Lakeview Rooms on our Village map. For additional details or to view the facilities, call Lisa Beardsworth, Rentals Manager, at 815-397-9112, ext. 114 or lisa.beardsworth@midwayvillage.com.