K-12 Field Trips

Midway Village Old Stone School

Field Trips

The following tours are available to school, home school, and community groups. Museum center tours are available year round. Tours of the Living History Village are only available March-November. Spring dates for Living History Tours tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend you call ahead to reserve your preferred date. Before joining us here at the museum, you may want to prepare your student for their field trip.

To schedule a field trip or program, please use our Tour Request Form.

Tour Request Form

If you have difficulties with the form, please send your request with all information to kendall.clair@midwayvillage.com.

Museum Tours

$6 per student, 1.5 hours, grades 1-12, one chaperone admitted free for every 10 students. Available year round.

General Museum Tour

Interpreters, dressed in turn-of-the century style, guide you through hands-on exhibits examining immigration, industrialization and pop-culture in Rockford’s history. Illinois State Standards. National Social Studies Curriculum Standards 2, 3 & 4.

Immigration and Culture

This interactive tour promotes critical thinking and historical analysis. Students are asked to make informed theories about present day Rockford, by comparing Rockford today to the struggles and triumphs of Rockford’s various immigrants in our new exhibit hall Many Faces One Community. Complete your visit with a hands-on activity in our classroom and a short lesson on Transform Rockford’s Shared Values. This is a 2 hour program, and is offered year round. For more information on tours for each grade level, please download our flyer. Illinois State Standards: 16.C.1b, 16.D.1, 16.C.2c, 16.A.3c. 18.A.3. National Social Studies Curriculum Standards 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 & 10.

For more information on Transform Rockford, please visit their website: https://transformrockford.org/home/community-plan/#shared-values

Village Tours

$6 per student, 1.5 hours, grades 1-12, one chaperone admitted free for every 10 students. Available April-October

General Village Tour

Historically dressed interpreters lead students through a tour of the village, providing a first-hand look into home life, economics and pastimes of Illinois residents in the 1890s. Illinois State Standards: 4A, 15A,B,C&d 16A&D, 18B&C. National Social Studies Curriculum Standards 2, 3, 5 & 7.

Museum and Village Tour

$6 per student, 2 hours, grades 1-12, one chaperone admitted free for every 10 students. Available April-October

The general museum and general village tours are combined to offer a comprehensive look at Illinois and Rockford history. Illinois State Standards: 4A, 15A,B,C&D, 16A,C&D, 17C, 18B&C. National Social Studies Curriculum Standards 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7.

Living History Tour

Costumed interpreters bring Northern Illinois history to life in historical Midway Village and engage students through a variety of hands-on activities – from rope making to operating a turn-of-the-century printing press! These tours are designed for groups of 80 or more. (Available for smaller groups for a flat fee of $560.00. Call for details) Cost: $7. One chaperone admitted free for every 10 students. Illinois State Standards: 4A, 16A&D, and 18A. National Social Studies Curriculum Standards 2 & 5.

  • Little House on the Prairie Available April-October
    Designed to complement the novel, this village tour allows students a glimpse into the past. Sites include the General Store, our one-room school house, square dancing, food preservation and more.
  • Victorian Days Available April-October
    What was life like during Rockford’s Victorian days? Choose from a variety of sites and activities within the village including the blacksmith shop, print shop, harvest chores, parlor games and barn dancing.
  • Going Green is Good: Victorian and Today Available April-October
    Victorians were “Going Green” in many surprising ways during the early 1900s. Explore different village sites including farm life, the Mill House, electricity, and the Illinois Prairie within this engaging tour.
  • Many Faces, One Community Living History Tour ~ New ~ Available Year Round
    This tour provides elementary aged students with an engaging experience of the diverse cultures of the immigrants coming to Rockford in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Costumed interpreters lead students through 5-7 hands-on activities exploring how the immigrants influenced the United States and Northern Illinois. Teachers can choose activities including: Dancing and Music, Folktales and Nursery Rhymes, Immigrant Games, What Would You Pack, Home-style Cooking, Ellis Island Examination, Cost of Living, Immigrant Gardens, and What is an American.

Take a virtual, 360-degree, interactive tour of the Many Faces, One Community exhibit...

Kindergartners and First Graders are invited on their own special tour, designed just for them! Our Down on the Farm Tour provides the feel of a Living History Tour, but allows for smaller groups of students, and does not require a flat fee. Cost is $7 per student with one chaperone admitted free for every 10 students.

Down on the Farm Tour: Available April-October.
Students experience life in rural America while touring the 1850 and 1905 barns. They will hear tales about Northern Illinois’ agricultural past, and have an opportunity to milk a mock cow while learning where milk comes from and what it can become. They will also learn to make rope. Illinois State Standards: 4A, 15B&C, 16D. National Social Studies Curriculum Standards 2, 3, 5 & 7.

Old Stone School Tour

Drawing on a slate in turn-of-the-century one-room schoolhouseHistory comes alive as students experience life in a turn-of-the-century one-room schoolhouse. Dress up and make arrangements to spend the day in the past. Take a look at our Old Stone School Manual to enhance your visit with pre, during and post activities and lessons. Complete your time travel with a Guided Tour. The cost for the Old Stone School experience is $5 per student. Tours available for an additional $1 per person. Teachers and one chaperone admitted free for each 10 students. Available April-October.

As a teacher resource, you may download the Old Stone School Teacher Manual. Download the Old Stone School Teacher’s Manual.

Heritage Garden Tours

Join the garden historian for a leisurely stroll through the heritage Gardens in the village as we discuss the Victorian fascination with gardens of the Golden Age of Horticulture. This guided tour will view a variety of gardens that have been re-created using 19th Century garden designs, garden structures reproduced from the period, and heirloom plant varieties seldom seen today.

Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of heirloom flowers, unique vegetables your grandmother might have grown and native plants that greeted the first settlers as they arrived in the Prairie State. Bring a sack lunch and enjoy the tranquil setting of the village or order box lunches for an additional fee. Reservations are required and are limited to groups of 8 or more. Cost: $8 for adults and $5 for children. For more information, call Laura Furman at 815-397-9112 ext. 108, or at laura.furman@midwayvillage.com