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Teacher Workshops and Resources

MVM works directly with teachers to promote the education of local history in the classroom. As part of that partnership we offer Educator Workshops every June which focus on themes of local history, as well as providing you with the latest techniques in object-based learning. Please contact our Museum Educator at 815-397-9112 ext 106 for more information on upcoming Workshops, including registration deadlines and course syllabus.

Below are lesson plans written by local teachers at our workshops. Please feel free to download and use these resources in your own classroom curriculum.

2016 Workshop on Rockford During WWII

Kate Berg and Anne Marie Urbanski
What Would You Do to Support the War Effort
4th Grade

Michelle Griesman
Polio Epidemic During and After WWII in Rockford, IL

Lisa Hathaway
WWII Rationing in Rockford and the Nation

Kim Shimmins
How were Women Important During WWII
4th Grade

Lisa Thoren
History of the Nelson Knitting Company
4th Grade

Martin Rodriguez
The Impact of Hispanics and Women during WWII
11th Grade

Violet Roth
The Rockford Peaches
8th Grade

Kendra Wolfe
When Girls Played Baseball Part 1
When Girls Played Baseball Part 2
5th Grade

2015 Workshop on Camp Grant During WWI

Chris Koch
A Review of World War 1 Food and Cookbook with Preparation Demonstration
Lesson Plan PDF

Bryan Neal
Animals in WW1 / Journal Entry Project
Lesson Plan PDF

Nancy Otwell
Political Cartoon Analysis – WW1
Lesson Plan PDF
5th Grade

John Polemikos
Total War: The Perspective of Rockford and Camp Grant
Lesson Plan PDF
6th-12th American History

Martin Rodriguez
WW1 and the 1918 Influenza on Rockford IL
Lesson Plan PDF
9th Grade World History, 11th Grade US History

Kim Shimmins
Camp Grant Writing Unit
Lesson Plan PDF
4th Grade

Linda Wittig
Camp Grant Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans (1) PDF
Lesson Plans (2) PDF
5th Grade

Chris Weber
Inflation and Immigration*
Lesson Plan PDF
12th Grade Economics

2014 Workshop on the Immigration To Rockford

* Please contact our Museum Educator at 815-397-9112 ext 106 to receive the additional primary and secondary source material for marked lesson plans below. Just let her know which lesson(s) you are interested in and what email to send them to.

Amanda Becker
Mexican/Mexican-American Immigration/Migration
Lesson Plan [Word Doc], DBQ [Word Doc]
8th/11th US History

Kourtni Gray
Immigration and the Railroad
11th Grade US History

Trisha Singer, Michelle Griesman-Anderson
What’s in a Name? How do schools get their names?*
*This lesson includes several other PDFs. Please contact our Museum Educator at 815-397-9112 ext 106 for these extra files.
Grades 6-8

Courtney Ring
Diverse Community Classroom Quilt Lesson Plan [Word Doc] Grades 4-8

Inflation and Immigration Lesson Plan [Word Doc]*
*This lesson includes several other PDFs. Please contact our Museum Educator at 815-397-9112 ext 106 for these extra files.
Economics/Grade 12

2013 Workshop on Local History

Amanda Becker
The Progressive Era PDF
High School, Honors US History

Brooke Elliott
Daily Life of a Soldier at Camp Grant PDF
8th Grade American History

Bobbi Koch
The Role of the Rockford Peaches in Baseball and Its Social Development Today PDF
5th Grade Social Studies

Laura Goodin
Rockford Past and Present PDF
6th Grade Social Studies

Lisa Hathaway
In Search of a Settlement; Comparing Our Community’s Development to Those of Ancient Civilizations PDF
6th Grade Social Studies, Ancient Civilizations

Linda Wittig
Sock Monkey Talks to Sock Puppet PDF
5th Grade Writing, and Speaking/Listening

Mary Gummow
Whats in a Name PDF
7th Grade Social Studies

Nancy Otwell
History of the Mulford Homestead PDF
5th Grade Social Studies

Patricia Whitlow
Rockford’s Big Changes PDF
5th Grade Social Studies