Scout Badge Programs

Midway Village Museum offers a unique setting for scouts to earn their badges. Utilize the Museum Center or Victorian Village as the backdrop for your badge. Book a badge earning workshop today. Below is a complete list of badge earning workshops.

Minimum: 1 adult, 5 scouts
Duration: 1.5-2 hour workshop
Optional: Victorian Village tour can be added to workshop for extra cost and seasonally.

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Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts


Art Maker (seasonal) - Using the village as a backdrop, she will learn how to use nature to tell a story from the past.

Be A Sister to Every Scout - Scouts will take a trip around the world to discover toys, customs, languages, crafts, and music from across the globe!

Board Game Challenge - Scouts will time travel to the 1880s to make and play games from the past. After learning about what inventors and engineers do, she will create her own board game.

Courageous and Strong - Scouts will time travel back to learn about different women who have been pioneers in their fields, beating all the odds against them, especially those from Rockford, like the Peaches.

Eco Learner (seasonal) - Scouts will learn how Victorians protected nature in the past, what they did to recycle trash, and some fun things we can do today.

Good Neighbor - Using the collections and the artifacts in the museum, she’ll explore her community and learn about those she belongs to—and how the people in a community work together to be good neighbors to each other.


Art Creator (seasonal) - Scouts will explore different cultures through folktales while using the nature around to tell the story.

Celebrating Community - Using the collections and artifacts in the museum she’ll explore what makes our community unique and special.

Letter Boxer - Go on an amazing treasure hunt through the museum or village (seasonal) as you solve clues and puzzles, then make your own treasure hunt!

Making Games - Using our museum campus as a backdrop she will explore games, old and new, as well as those not yet created. Scavenger hunts, mysteries, and more await her in this session.

My Family Story - History will come alive as she researches her family history in our special immersive exhibit.

Painting (seasonal) - Using our village for inspiration, we will paint what we see just like the impressionists of the past.


Art Explorer - Get creative as she designs with the world around, using only nature to tell tales of the past .

Detective - Scouts become a detective and travel back over 100 years ago to solve a mystery! Girls will collect clues and evidence to see if they can unravel the mystery!

Playing in the Past - Scouts will love using the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts and costumes to create a unique costume and have a special historic party!

Social Butterfly - Scouts are invited to a special tea party in the historic village, including unique costumes and the secret language of flowers!

Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts


Family Stories - Using our Many Face exhibit, scouts will explore their past and their family stories.

Stories in Shapes - Scouts will explore the museum for inspiration before creating their own art work.

Tiger Tales - Have you heard of Johnny Appleseed or Babe the Blue Ox? Scouts will explore tall tales, games and songs from the past in this workshop.

Tiger-iffic - Let’s play some games from the past, present and even the future!


Beat of the Drum - Scouts will learn about the traditional and cultures of the early people that lived in the area.

Forensics - Using simple methods from the past scouts will try to solve a mystery! Scouts will collect clues and evidence to see if they can catch the crook.

Marble Madness - Marbles have been around for a long time. Scouts will learn the history, different ways to play with them, how they were used in the past versus how they are played with now, and create some of their own.


Adventures in Coins - Earned with Collections and Hobbies.

Code of the Wolf - Scouts are going to play games from the past to complete this workshop.

Collections and Hobbies - Scouts will explore how the museum collects artifacts and why, get a behind the scenes look at where we store them, and get a chance to share what you collect with us.

Finding Your Way (seasonal) - Using the village, scouts will learn how to find their way using a compass, as well as explore the trails and paths surrounding us.


Art Explosion - Explore historical art, before taking a turn and making some of your own.

To register you should fill out the electronic form by clicking this link: Midway Scouting Badge Form. Should you have questions about registration or the individual badges, contact or 815-397-9112, ext. 106.